Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jay-Z Rocks Givenchy 'Jesus is Lord' Tee Again & More Givenchy Tees

Everybody is going crazy over Jay-Z wearing Givenchy ‘Jesus Is Lord’ shirt. We first heard about this Tee over at Upscale Hype then Necole Bitchie just recently blogged about the 'Jesus is Lord' shirt and had mixed reviews from her readers. 

Well, I'm not sure why this tee is such a big deal but we have found some other cool Givenchy Tees worth rocking. Why do you think this tee is such a big deal?

See the photos below and if you are interested in purchasing a tee for yourself or as a gift just click one of the photos below.

I really like this women's Givenchy tee priced at $395.