Monday, January 30, 2012

My Readworthy Fashion Blog List

During the day I usually visit She’s entertainingly addictive! Necole is young, black, beautiful and sharp. Her blog is all about celebrity gossip. The Shoe Girl is a shoe designer and has a fresh fashion sense and a direct look into the world of shoe designing. I’ve been a fan of The Shoe Girl for years. The High Heel Times is really cool.   Put This On is a video podcast I subscribe to. Surprisingly, it’s all about men’s fashion. These two corky looking guys know everything there is to know about fashion for men. I love it!  Just recently watched a podcast and learned how to tie my shoes so the strings don’t come loose…definitely life changing information. Thanks!

Don’t forget to visit these blogs or subscribe to get updates by email up top. Of course I don’t always comment on these blogs but that’s one of my goals this year. Here are a few other cool and worthy blogs I’d like to mention.

Of course gossip entertainment and other blogs about business blogging are on my list as well.  These blogs inspire me and help keep me current. 

Join the list. 

Erika Mivens