Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why I Love + Your Invitation

JustFab is an internet based company that caters to women. Some of the products are shoes, handbags and accessories. It’s a membership based program. Before joining the service several commercials on television advertising the service captured my attention. Everything is $39.95 and you pick something to buy every month. I really like the idea of the membership and the pricing point. Another thing that appealed to me is the customization. From the outset I pick the styles of shoes, handbags, etc. that I like and each month I have my own personal boutique with the help of my ‘virtual stylist.’ In addition, there is a referral program for me you to use if you ever get friends to join. The value for me is the ease of shopping. My payment information is already on file, all I have to do is pick out what I want. Here is an invite to join:


JustFab Invite