Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hottest Shoe Trends

How do you spot a true fashionista? Through her shoes, of course. It is said that you can judge a woman’s personality simply by observing her choice in shoes. Shoes play a huge role in completing your look. A lot of women only pay attention to their clothes or their makeup and jewelry. They believe that no one will observe their shoes too closely – well, they are wrong. This is the difference between an ordinary woman and the one who has a sense and understanding of fashion. A true fashionista knows that shoes are really important to complete any look, formal, semi-formal, casual etc. She knows which shoe is appropriate for which event and with which attire it will best go.

Staying up to date with the latest shoe trends is absolutely important if you want to up your style game. You need to be specific about the trends that are currently hot in the fashion world but at the same time, avoid blending in with the crowd. This is where your true fashion sense comes in. Try out different shoe trends that are most fashionable but add your own unique touch to them as you pair them up with different attires. In our blog today, we will tell you about some of the hottest show trends of the season.

i. Pointed toe heels:

Pointed toe heels are honestly not even a new trend to the world of fashion. It is an ever-green shoe trend that will possibly be around for quite some time. Pointed toe heels went through many transformations and transitions. With pencil thin heels or block ones, kitten heels or high ones, strapped or buckled, pointed toe heels are a definite shoe item that every fashion sensitive woman must possess. You can wear these heels are casual occasions; however, they are most commonly spotted at semi-formal and formal events. You can pair them up with skirts, pant suits, culottes, jeans, shorts etc.; the possibilities are endless.

ii. Suede shoes:

Long gone are the times when suede was considered to be a men’s commodity only. Nowadays, women love to wear suede and carry it off quite well too. There is a wide range of shoes in suede; from heels to flats, the options are plenty. Women mostly go for black, brown, grey, burgundy and deep green colored suede booties. This shoe trend is absolutely stylish and looks great on everyone.

iii. Oxford flats:

Nothing like a good and simple pair of oxfords that you can carry around with almost any dress. Oxfords are not just stylish but are also very comfortable. They can be worn with casual and semi-formal dresses. They are available in various colors and if you want to impress other people with your style sense, go for a uniquely colored oxfords pairs like orange, royal blue, purple etc.; it will add an amazing pop in your personality.

iv. Black strap heels:

Having black heels is a must for every woman. This is a wardrobe essential that every woman must own. To add more drama to the overall feel of a black heel, go for a multi-layered, strappy heel. It will not only look great but will also help you walk in heels better.