Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Scrunchies Are Back + DIY Scrunchie Video

Evidently, scrunchies are back. My nine-year-old has me making them for her and her friends. Its been fun and brings back so many memories. I ended up purchasing a sewing kit and then YouTubing videos to get assistance. I had trouble threading the needle. Thankfully I had the assistance of an anxious little girl to help. This is the video I watched to get a refresher. I made mine by hand.  A sewing machine would make this project much simpler. It was still fun. Scrunchie time!

Shop scrunchies here:

Teya Silk Scrunchie Brigitte White • BRIGITTE • $37

Versace PRINTED SILK SCRUNCHIE • Versace • $150

Ganni tie-dye scrunchie • Ganni • $18